Title: Horror Trip

Author: Jadda

ranslation by: fermina (sj.quick@gmx.de)

Rating: G

Season: 8

Summary: A prickly scene with Amanda and Rick is to be shot but Peter can’t find his leading actress.

Author's Note: At first I wanted to do a crossover of Jump Street, Sea Quest and Stargate, but that turned out to be too complicated – even for me. I hope you like this version, too. It starts out as a shipper story, but the main character really is Peter DeLuise.

Many thanks to Antares for proofreading the story. I would be very pleased if you gave some feedback to this story.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, Gekko Productions; all the powers that be, not me. No copyright infringements intended. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands.



Peter ran like mad through the sets. Damn, where did Amanda go? He just wanted to shoot the scene in the locker-room and it was impossible without her being there.

It was already pretty late and the team got impatient and wanted to go home. Especially Rick and Colin. Just this scene was left and the weekend could come. Somehow the eighth season seemed to be ill-fated. There was always something going wrong. The fans would really get excited over this episode, because a pretty prickly scene was waiting for Amanda and Rick eventually.

Unfortunately Colin was going to interrupt them. Actually a nice picture. Sam gets back from a mission, where she almost died and disappears troubled into the locker room to take a shower.

When she gets out of the shower room he stands in front of her: torn between anxiety and his duties as a General. The fans would just love this scene. Malozzi and Co really did think of something nice to treat the fans.

But without Amanda there was not going to be a shower scene. So, where did she go?

Peter pushed some mother ship bridge instrument pieces aside and forced himself through a mock-up of a sarcophagus. Somebody should really tidy up this place. He knew the production premises pretty good, but that is just what he thought, because he had never been in this corner of the studios before.

Slowly but surely his curiosity awoke.

A small electric bulb lit up the dark chamber, which was obviously completely crammed with requisites. Wow, that was still pretty dark in here! It appeared that to this corner of the studio only a little amount of people ever came. Everything was covered with a layer of dust and the dust particles tickled in his nose, which resulted in a violent sneeze.

Even more dust dispersed and Peter tumbled a step backwards. As he realized that his foot had met somewhat hard he was hit by something from behind. A deafening noise sounded and when he stumbled forward he lost his footing entirely. He landed ruggedly on the floor. His head collided with something pretty rigid.


When he opened his eyes everything spun around and he decided to leave them closed just a little longer. When he reopened them he immediately realized that it had darkened. Where there had been a diffuse light from a little window before - now darkness dominated. A look at his watch confirmed his assumption. He must have been unconscious for quite some time.

Time to abscond. With an effort he got up and rubbed his belly. He had been lying more than uncomfortable. He suddenly knew why. He picked up a small but rather hard steely bowl and weighed it in his hand. The Orb. Man, it had been a long time since he held this bowl in his hands. It had been an ingenious episode and the team of the special effects had had a lot of fun, to grease everybody’s face with that luminizing lotion. It reminded him that Julie McHaffie played a trick on Christopher and greased his bold head with it so when they had been ready to do the first take he had been standing there in the Gateroom glowing like a light house. He put down the Orb and turned towards the door.


There wasn’t a door anymore. Hectically he walked where there had been the exit just hours ago. But right now there was something really big blocking the door from the outside. Damn, they probably had put the mother ship pieces there. He thought about how he had bawled out to Dan to put that crap away. It was his own fault. Desperately he stemmed against the barricade, but it wouldn’t move. They must have put everything next to each other.

He looked at the window. It didn’t look big at all. Unconsciously he ran with his hand over his belly. Maybe he should have passed on some of those pizzas.

With an effort he channelled his way across the cluttered room.

The Orb rolled noisily across the floor and hit against a big object which was hidden under drapery. The construction underneath it unhinged and fell unfortunately in his direction.

Peter lifted his arms to protect his tattered head and closed his eyes. It cracked on his right and on his left and something hit him on his shoulder and he was obliged to kneel down. When the noise seemed to be over he waited a little while and finally dared to take a look.

His heart was in his boots when he looked into the dark eyeholes of a skeleton. He needed a second to realize that this thing was the altar of the Unas from the episode -Enemy Mine-. The stage designer had done a terrific job. That thing in front of Peter’s eyes was definitely scary. Peter pushed the artificial skeleton fretfully away. But - he better shouldn’t have done that.

“What the…” He wasn’t able to complete his sentence, because the Goa’uld skeleton bounced against a murky object which started to see-saw threateningly. A blink of an eye later an armament of one of Anubis’ Supersoldiers toppled down on him.

“Shit!” And as if it hadn’t been enough already the Korush Nai came right towards him.

Peter fell on his back and looked directly into the eyes of that armoured monster. Disgusted he pulled himself away from underneath and had to see in exchange the dreadful mask of the Korush Nai. It had served as a deterrent in the episode -There but for the Grace of God- and Peter could only confirm its impact.  Gradually he really had enough; he only wanted to get out of here. This was a mere chamber of horror and the blain on his head became bigger and bigger.

He should have stuck with acting. That way he wouldn’t have to chase after actors and search for them in dark closets such as this. The SeaQuest set always had been tidier aside from getting wet all the time. It hadn’t been difficult to play either because Dagwood had been rather tight-lipped. And even better, the set of  21 Jump Street. There hadn’t been any aliens at any rate and next to Johnny Depp you could only shine. That boy had been so popular with the girls… those were the days!

He carefully stood up; deliberate not to strike any more of those objects. He avoided hitting the Dream catcher structure of the Hak´tyl, went around some of Marcello’s inventions and headed for the window. Pretty high. Peter was able to hear voices from the outside. He stepped on a box and carefully pulled himself up. Maybe he should have checked out the stability of that box first…

With a big noise the box broke and his foot was caught up in it. “Goddamn…!” Peter took a deep breath. The swearing wasn’t going to help. If he didn’t calm down he would never get out of here.

“Hello? Is anybody down there?” He was able to hear a female voice and if he wasn’t mistaken it seemed to be Amanda’s.

“This is high! Colin, please help me with this. Hello?”

Peter saw Amanda’s head appearing in the half opened window. “Peter? Is that you? We have been looking for you all over the place. What are you doing down there?”

Peter was boiling on his inside. Because of her he had gotten into this! At the same time he tried to free his foot from the box which wouldn’t work at all.

“I’m doing a research for the next episode, you know, where the Unas are going to show up again!” He definitely wasn’t going to tell the two up there the true story about what happened. “Some idiot put something on the other side of the door so I can’t get out.”

“And why are you hopping?”

Hopping? He was hopping? He stopped at once. Yes, he really was hopping. Why wouldn’t that box come off his foot? With this little light he just couldn’t see anything. “Mandy, do you have a flash-light up there? Could you light down here?”

“Wait” Amanda disappeared from the window. He heard voices and in the meantime tried to free his foot once more without triggering off an avalanche of requisites again.

He knuckled down and ripped the cardboard box open. Almost at the same time a bright light crossed the dark chamber and stopped on… It took Peter time to realize that his foot was stuck in the body of Egeria.


“Well then, no more episodes with Goa’uldqueens in it.” Amanda stated whose head had just appeared in the window again.

“I agree.” Holding tight to a shelf he pulled his foot out of this… well there really wasn’t much left of her.

“Peter! Look out!” But he felt that he hadn’t watched out again.

On the shelf a basket unhinged and the content gushed all over him. He had enough! When Amanda burst out laughing…

“Wow, Hathor’s Babies… neat!” Peter took some of those slimy worms and threw them into the direction of the window. But Amanda already had dived and the larves flew out of the window.

“What the heck?”, Colin protested. Colin felt that something was slipping down his neck, while he was giving Amanda a step-up. Hectically he agitated as more slimy worms landed on his head. “Mandy, what the hell is Peter doing down there?”

“He has just murdered Egeria.”

“Pardon?” Colin looked up to her as far as the dim light allowed it. He wanted to go home. He didn’t have to drive as far as Rick though but still there were two worldcup ice hockey games in Europe tonight. He didn’t want to miss those and the others neither.

Inside the room, Peter freed himself from the basket. His mood hit rock bottom and he finally wanted to get out of this nightmare. Amanda lit the room with her flash-light. “Wow, so this is where all the things went.” He seemed to think of something and made a decision. “Catch, Peter!” She threw the light at him and climbed up the window.

“Hey, Mandy, what are you doing? “, Colin asked from the outside. Peter hurried to help Amanda, but she managed to get gracefully through the hole all by herself. “Sorry Peter, I don’t think, that you would fit through there. You should have passed on some steaks.” Then she turned towards the window. “Colin, could you please go look for the others so they can put the things away which are blocking the door.”

“Sure, Major!”

Frustrated Peter took a box and sat on it. Shoot, the whole time schedule was going to be all messed up, if they wouldn’t do the scene tonight. Rick wasn’t going to be at the studios until three weeks from now. “Tell me Mandy, where did you hide yourself a little while ago? Everybody was looking for you. So did I.” He moved the glow of the flash-light all over the room.

“In here?”

Peter nodded silently. He better shouldn’t have done that, because he now noticed the headache which he had caught together with the lump. Hopefully he was going to get out of here soon, because he wouldn’t be able to endure more pain.

Amanda looked around inquisitively. There were requisites everywhere. On top of the upper shelves she saw something which woke her curiosity. Because of its obvious height, she used Marchello’s transformation machine as a ladder. Having an uneasy sense Peter‘s muscles braced.

“Be careful.” But Amanda was up there already and reached for a replicator. His scepticism was without any reason. Apparently it was only him who was that clumsy.

Amanda sat down on Marcello’s invention and began to play with the replicator being fascinated about it. Peter illuminated the model in her hands.

Suddenly the thing began to move all by its self. Who knows which mechanism she had activated? Anyway, fairly startled she threw it away from her. Peter saw it in the light of the flash-light coming towards him. Instinctively he let go off the light and caught it. The replicator kept moving and he pushed it away from him.

That had definitely been too much movement for the box he sat on. He felt the back bending and he fell backwards. He hit the floor with his back and his head collided with the shelf behind him. He saw stars again and heard as speaking through cotton Amanda’s warning. Right after that his stomach was badly hit.

Then it darkened around him.

Only seconds could have passed, because the first thing he heard was Amanda’s voice. “Peter? Can you hear me? I’m so sorry!”

He opened his eyes carefully and looked at her puzzled. His stomach hurt and in Amanda’s hand he could see reason for it: The Crystal Skull must have fallen off the ledge.

“Don’t you dare moving!”

“What?” She looked at him confused.

“If we move something will occur again. And in case that happens I doubtless will need a wheelchair in the future. So don’t touch anything and don’t move until Colin is here and frees us.  That’s an instruction of your director.”


Amanda was lying soppy in Ricks arms and kissed him dearly and breathless. It had become a fabulous scene.

Amanda comes tired and wet out of the shower and Rick is waiting for her, looking at her with a deep look. They are standing in front of each other and you can feel it crackle. The General keeps a straight face and Sam doesn’t avoid his looks. “Sir!?”

She sees his desperation and can’t hold back her feelings any longer und falls kissing into his arms. Jack grabs her wet hair and his resistance also breaks. Suddenly Colin in his role as Major Davis enters the locker-room and stops with a surprised look on his face. He watches the scene and smiles. The fans will love him for that smile, if they don’t do it anyway.

Satisfied Peter looked on the small monitor.

Silently the Major backs out and leaves the couple alone with their feelings.


He could hear sighs throughout the crew. They were all glad, that they finally had this scene in the can. Peter clicked his fingers and Dan Shea gave him a new icepack for his head. True that there were less aliens on 21 Jump Street, but he still was a director here and as the director he had scolded Dan. The bagatelle with his clumsiness he overlooked assiduously.

- The End -